posted Jan 1, 2019, 4:25 PM by Robert Verdone

Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, January 04 2019

08:30 A.M.

Mansfield Town Hall, Selectmen's Meeting Room

6 Park Row, Mansfield, MA




08:30 A.M.               Open Session – The Chairman of the Board reserves the right to take the agenda out of order.  

a.       Meeting called to order;

b.      Discussion and possible action regarding OPM contract;

c.       Discussion and possible action regarding employee pay and benefits;

d.       Discussion and possible action regarding employee posting and appointments. 

e.       New business;

f.        Old business;

g.         Approval of minutes;

                                                h.   .    Executive Director’s update; 

                                                I.        Any topic not reasonable anticipated by the chair. 

                                                j.        Adjourn.