Board of Directors Meeting

October 3rd, 2019

2:00 PM

Foxborough Town Hall Gala Meeting Room
40 South Street Foxborough Ma 02035




Executive Director's Review

  • Discussion regarding Director’s review process. 

Construction Contract Review

  • Review contract
  • Possible action to approve builder’s contract

SEMRECC phase 2 update (Building)

  • Bid Schedule
  • Building schedule
  • OPM/ Architect comments

Grant review

  • FY 2020 award (s)
  • Projected changes to the FY2021 Development grant

Bond/Note status

Tower lease Discussion

  • Discussion and possible action to authorize a soliciting for companies to lease tower space
  • Discussion and possible action to authorize retaining/hiring a tower management company

T-band and communications update

  • Status of t-band legislation
  • Proposed District Interoperability Working Group
  • Life after T-Band

SEMRECC Operations Review and Directors Update

  • Call volume
  • Wireless Direct
  • Statistics and performance
  • Calls/incidents of interest
  • Quality assurance activities
  • Director's update

Review of Minutes

Old Business

New Business