Board of Directors and District Finance Sub-Committee Meeting 

February 18th, 2020

3 P.M.

Foxborough Town Hall, Selectmen's Meeting Room

40 South Street Foxborough, Ma





3 P.M.               Open Session – The Chairman of the Board and Sub-Committee reserves the right to take the agenda out of order.  


A.             Meetings called to order;

B.       Finance Sub-committee review and consider approval of the District Budget

C.      Board of Director review and possible action to approve District Budget

D.      Review of Grant Updates

E.      Executive Session to negotiate with non-union employee - Executive Director Contract.  The board   anticipates returning to open session

F.        Return to open session

G.       Review of meeting minutes

H.       Review of Deputy Director performance review and possible action to adjust salary

I.         Review of building project/update

J.        Executive Director Update

K.        Discussion and possible action regarding update to 9-1-1 operations 

L.        Old business 

M.       New business

N.        Adjourn